Certified Developer Program

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Who should join?

Who should join the EMS E-Commerce Certified Developer Program?

EMS formed the EMS E-Commerce Certified Developer Program initially to address the technology and marketing requirements for corporate developers who want to integrate access to EMS E-Commerce into their company's information systems. The EMS E-Commerce Certified Developer Program is currently available only to corporate developers interested in integrating payment authorization requests and settlement verification into their applications.

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Why certify developers?

Why does EMS E-Commerce certify developers?

Applications that automatically enter transactions into the EMS E-Commerce transaction network must meet EMS E-Commerce documented standards for accuracy and quality. As a registered member of the EMS E-Commerce Certified Developer Program, EMS E-Commerce provides you with documentation regarding minimum standards and verification procedures within an online production environment. As you prepare to go live with any of the EMS E-Commerce APIs, you will be asked to have your transactions "certified" to ensure that your company's integration meets these minimum standards.

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More technical information?

How do I get more technical information?

The product pages for EMS E-Commerce WebAPI™, EMS E-Commerce SocketsAPI™ and EMS E-Commerce CryptographicAPI™ provide some technical information regarding these tools. Additional documentation is packaged with the tools themselves. First register with the EMS
Certified Developer Program and then download the tools for more detailed information. If you can't find the answer you need, simply contact us for more information at:


Phone: 1-216-524-0900

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What is EMS E-Commerce commitment?

What is our commitment to the EMS E-Commerce Certified Developer Program?

EMS E-Commerce has invested significant resources to develop the API technologies, as well as the business and support processes to make them successful. It is beneficial for EMS
E-Commerce and for you to automate the processes of submitting payment authorization and settlement requests wherever possible. EMS E-Commerce is firmly committed to helping developers to succeed in using these technologies.

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What are the costs and fees?

What are the costs and fees to enter and participate in the program?

None. EMS E-Commerce does not currently charge for access to or use of the tools and support.

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What tools are included?


What tools are included in the API downloads for testing my application?

Each of the APIs contains sets of sample programs in C, C++, Java, JavaScript, HTML, Perl, Active Server Pages, Visual Basic and Visual C++. All of the EMS E-Commerce APIs provide developers with a test environment in which transactions can be sent to the EMS E-Commerce server without generating actual transactions. Interfaces to assist you with the testing process are also included. Register and download the tools to get more information on testing your applications.

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